Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Satellite image purports to show Iranian drone with explosive aboard

A winged drone that appears to be carrying an explosive, potentially linked to Iran, has been spotted in parts of Yemen. The images — published on Twitter by New America, a non-partisan research organization that focuses on U.S. foreign policy — show that the drone appears to be a copy of the Textron Marine One, which was used by the U.S. military when President Obama was in office.

The images appear to suggest that the drone — spotted by U.S. military jets in late May — may have been used by Iranian agents to kill members of Houthi rebels in the nation’s north. The satellite images show the object fluttering as it flies through the sky in the country’s north, possibly with other missiles.

Last week, New America issued a statement saying it had determined that the drone was a “textron Marine One, and not one of the new, Iran-produced drones that were proliferated around the world following the 2015 nuclear deal.” In the spring, Mashable reported that Iran was creating an entirely new generation of drone “suicide” drones.

U.S. airstrikes that have been targeting militant groups in Yemen are the work of a Saudi-led coalition. The U.S. supports them with intelligence, aerial refueling and drone strikes.

See the images below:

Article and photo from New America.

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