Sunday, October 24, 2021

Casey Anthony’s lawyer denies she is working with them – but is she?

The Florida woman accused of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony is married to, but not currently has a law firm working for her, according to a study of 800 lawyers nationwide who represent her to the Wall Street Journal.

One hundred percent of those lawyers said they had at least read the speculative news article that made the rounds on Facebook last week, which said the mom and her lawyers want to have Casey Anthony on trial for Casey Anthony’s actual murder by the end of the year. Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, and husband George Anthony both independently confirmed the rumor. A Casey Anthony friend went so far as to forward email “swooping in” from Baez’s law firm to the site “reporting” on the rumor for another source.

The WSJ also reports Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez refused to comment on whether he was representing the Anthony family, despite an online search on Google that found Baez had his own family-run legal firm and did have time off from it.

Facing harsh criticism on Twitter, some of them questioned who would be defending the questionable decision, yet it’s just one more reality for the Baez scandal that has involved a hit-and-run accident, the media garnering so much negative attention for chasing news and the Anthony family’s desire to make things as difficult as possible for Casey Anthony.

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