Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Lake Tahoe fires expand as winter wanes

On Monday, snow began falling on the central Sierra Nevada, which provided a boon to firefighters who had been battling raging wildfires. But the downpour may have worsened the devastation caused by the devastating wildfires in Lake Tahoe’s Sierra Nevada foothills. The Fires in the Crown Valley area of Lake Tahoe burned more than 16,000 acres and prompted several evacuations, including from Green Lakes. In the afternoon, a house was destroyed by the Powerhouse Fire, which started the day before in Lake Tahoe Valley. The Fire in the Queen’s Park area burned another 1,500 acres on Wednesday. Since fire season began, at least 3,700 acres have burned in the area. On Sunday, wildfires ravaged the smaller Lake David area, which caused some minor damage to power lines but otherwise did not affect the region. On Tuesday, a massive fire of over 7,000 acres erupted, fueled by high winds, and forced some evacuations. Fire officials were concerned that the wind strength could increase again on Wednesday, but began a strategic retreat, allowing firefighters to save parts of the area that they had already protected.

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