Sunday, October 24, 2021

Actress who played Anna Woolard in ‘Grace Under Fire’ checks into women’s shelter

Brett Butler, the actress and model who portrayed Anna Woolard in the movies “Grace Under Fire” and “Cherry 2000,” has been admitted to a women’s shelter in North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Butler, who lives with her dog, was checked in by Goodwill Monday afternoon at the shelter in Charlotte.

The actress had undergone the required 90-day psychiatric evaluation as part of the evaluation after police responded to a report that Butler was suicidal, according to police reports.

Butler’s mother said in a Facebook post that Butler suffered from traumatic head injuries after her car was overturned after crashing into a pole while traveling down a mountain road in Montana in April.

Butler’s mother told CNN affiliate WCNC her daughter suffered broken bones in her head and was in a medically induced coma for about two weeks. She was later released from a clinic and has been suffering from seizures.

Butler’s mother said her daughter was hospitalized for about three months.

Butler is scheduled to undergo a series of tests but has been moved to a local shelter because she lacks a current address.

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