Wednesday, October 27, 2021

SNL: Beck Bennett announces exit after a year

Lauren Holt and the seven surviving SNL cast members have said they’ll be making up for lost time when the show returns in September

Veteran SNL cast member Beck Bennett has announced that he’s departing the show after more than a year.

Beck Bennett (@beckbennett) Done with SNL, I’ll be finishing up my year on March 31st! Thank you for a ride!

Holt and the seven cast members still with the show will make up for lost time when the show returns for its 47th season in September.

Beck Bennett (@beckbennett) Goodbye I give it my all but I’m being kicked off #SNLFinishedup

Beck Bennett (@beckbennett) Y don’t want to @ me #uck my sense of humor

Beck Bennett (@beckbennett) So right now are all gearing up to host the season opening show on Sept 22nd! Look for more updates about my final episode on SNL coming soon!

The rest of the new season will be full of surprises after several relatively uneventful seasons in recent years.

Bennett’s departure comes just one day after Lisa Kudrow dropped out of the upcoming reunion special of Friends.

Lisa Kudrow (@LisaKudrow) I’m excited for you all to see the number one secrets of Friends over on our sites tomorrow. Plus learn how to say nothing in 32 positions on air in the show because I sure didn’t.

Hart Wolf, who has been announced as the new head writer for season 47, said Bennett and the seven remaining cast members would return for the new season to help “the show hit all its zeroes”.

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