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Google celebrates 23rd birthday

Image copyright Google Image caption The head of the browser is swiped out to show a virtual cursor

Today is Google’s 23rd birthday. The search engine, invented in a US garage by Stanford graduates back in 1990, celebrated its launch in honour of the opening of their Californian HQ by Steve Jobs.

Googlers began working from a garage in Menlo Park, north of San Francisco, two years after the heads of the browser siting programme, the Netscape Communicator, finished work on it.

The head of the browser is swiped out to show a virtual cursor.

Image copyright Google Image caption The pink and purple inside the toolbar to show details of how many searches you’ve made

Image copyright Google Image caption The toolbar’s colour palette – with green for the first one and red for the last one – was designed by a designer called Kazuo Hirai

However, what the world most remembers about the birth of the search engine is that it didn’t initially work.

A website – – was created by AltaVista, though this website was subsequently taken down.

Google, which continued to operate in this guise until 2001, used a programming language called SpamCoder to host images hosted by “websiteinventor” Robert Nelsen.

Image copyright Google Image caption Google images usually display pages that use the Python programming language

Image copyright Google Image caption Google is a for-profit company, but offers Google Translate as a free offering

Image copyright Google Image caption The blue bars show information about what search results you’ve found so far

Image copyright Google Image caption When Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were interviewed by BBC Newsnight back in 2008, each said they had the feeling that the company was bigger than they

Image copyright Google Image caption Google’s artificial intelligence ‘Deep Mind’ is one of its research arms

One Google employee, Larry Page, told NBC News in 2013 that he had been struck by the gesture of sweeping something out of the browser.

He decided to try his own move, and found that he could quickly type “back page” or “word of the day”.

It was a useful, if odd, stroke, but he only had a book written in his mind.

The browser was renamed Google and Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, decided that the font had to change.

After that, the style of the interface rapidly changed, with colours evolving as patterns appeared in different contexts and sizes.

When Google was bought by a Silicon Valley titan, Microsoft, the company was renamed Alphabet .

The latest iteration of Google still utilises the power of artificial intelligence, Google Translate, which supports the ability to translate a word from one language to another.

Deep Mind is one of Google’s research arms.

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