Sunday, October 24, 2021

All Hallow’s Eve Is Here (All Hallow’s Ever Gone, Too). CNN Must Be Scared, Right?)

Is Forrest Gump less good than Forrest Gump? That is the question Newsweek’s current cover poses for the time being. The legendary Walter Cronkite, 91, gave the magazine a shout-out via Twitter with the question. It seems that Newsweek, even at its peril, wants to keep its subscription rolls full of readers and so the news outlet is on an apology tour. Cronkite writes that “a mistake was made” when he was asked who he would nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, pointing out that the distinction goes to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and not to him. His apology helped Newsweek gain a huge new audience, according to a Nielsen marketing report.

Newsweek has been a long time presence on the web at, but the endeavor to transform the site into something that, maybe, could compete for serious journalism and serious eyeballs, has had a rocky start. After the distressing office-wide editorial exodus of September 2, when the newsroom let go of about a dozen staffers, the last employees were just finalized this month. After so many years of anchor Willie Geist leaving or being announced, the news wasn’t disappointing. Will the newly formed newsroom remain cohesive and politically potent? Will the site become a living, breathing thing again? Or will it go the way of a lie?

(Main image: Will Travel Wire)

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