Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Gestapo yo-yo! Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez discuss their relationship, Puerto Rico and their new workout service

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – After Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement from baseball on Wednesday, Rodriguez hopped on a commercial for his new national workout service, StartED, designed to help obese people get healthy.

He, LL Cool J and Chris Tucker then walked into a gym gym. Cue some extreme slow motion fanfare and a bunch of members doing workouts. At one point, LL Cool J shot the crap out of a vending machine.

A fan asked what prompted his decision to retire. “I’m done,” he said. “I’m retired.”

Last year, Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced that they were expecting their first child together. After the couple welcomed twins this past April, Lopez said their family is “the one thing that I’ve always dreamed of and am so grateful for.” The singer said they haven’t discussed wedding plans as of yet.

“They have talked. It’s ongoing. It’s just not near the top of our list right now,” she said on TBS.

A-Rod has certainly not hung up his cleats for good. In May, he and Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner discussed an ownership stake with the team.

“That is ongoing and I think you’ll find out more about that in the future,” he said.

Speaking at the summer schools dinner event here Thursday, Rodriguez said he’s excited to do a little coaching, and continued to promote StartED. In the 40-minute discussion, Rodriguez talked about his inspiring struggles growing up, his bad upbringing and his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

“I am totally obsessed with both of them right now. When I talk about that, that’s the conversation,” he said, when asked about the Lopez relationship.

He said he would meet with Lopez after the Yankees’ plane lands in Boston on Saturday.

“I probably wouldn’t be enjoying this event if I wasn’t working with Jennifer,” he said. “Jen’s a boss. She’s a visionary. The more that we’re together, the better the things are gonna be. I could not be more proud of her.”

Asked if he still considered Lopez to be a fiancée, Rodriguez said, “I do. She’s family. We’re still figuring out our life.”

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