Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dramatic re-enactment shows ‘banned’ dog leaps over fence to invade house

Written by CNN Staff

Research carried out by the Metropolitan Police’s Territorial Support Group has concluded that the incident which caused quite a stir in a Connecticut street last year was caused by a household dog, in this case a beagle.

This video shows the moment a Husky escaped from its yard on June 12, 2018 and walked into a house, on Coventry Street, in the city of Hartford.

Previous reports said it was a German shepherd.

Shortly after the dog entered the house, the homeowner realized it was a Husky and frantically knocked on the back door to warn a neighbor.

The police staff report states that two women living in the home were extremely “relieved” to learn it was actually a Husky.

The Daily Mail published images showing the Husky sniffing at the toilet, not in line with its owner’s description of it as a “cute, little beagle.”

Staff in the next door house snapped a picture of the dog, which had somehow gotten inside the front door, and believed it was only very briefly out of its owner’s sight.

Later, the owners explained that it had come in through a side door.

The report says police officers had initially responded to the reports as a false alarm, believing they had misheard the homeowner. After a second report, they visited the house.

One officer revealed to one of the women in the home that the “sightings were real,” according to the report.

The dog was thoroughly searched and a bloodhound was used to find the owner. Eventually, officers found the mother and the dog.

The fact that the Husky did not have the owner’s photograph or insurance card on it shocked the police officer, who told the woman it could have killed her.

“The dog was in a cage in the back yard. We used a catapult to get the cage to the front. When she left there, the dog ran through the bushes. We think they lived in the back yard,” he said.

The Husky had been outside trying to get water and food from the patio.

The report concludes that the owner had “unreasonably been trying to keep” the dog and that she was suffering from an “emotional and behavioral” disorder.

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