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2016: Shake It Up! Shake the Odds! TRACES OF THE 2018 ELECTION (UPDATED!)

From the experts:

“California’s political system is going to look very similar to Illinois.” – William Galston, Brookings Institution

“Democrats have recovered well in presidential politics and are now in control of the state legislature and the governor’s office…. Much of California’s economy, the product of a gigantic immigration and population shift in the last two decades, now reflects Democratic preferences….The Democratic advantage in California has grown as its economy became less Democratic.” – Richard Eichenberg, Stanford University

“Newsom won after outpacing a field of 13 candidates to become the top vote-getter in Tuesday’s election. He bested his second-place finisher, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, in June’s primary by 11 percentage points.” – Darrick Hamilton, Crosscut, Seattle

“This isn’t the first time that the voter disenfranchisement effort has failed,” says Josh Ruebner of California Common Cause. “There has been an effort in California to get rid of the 1.8 million voters from the rolls since 2011. When they’ve looked back at the amount of time these people have been on the rolls, it seems clear that the vast majority of those people were eligible to vote and they just refused to take the proper steps to do so. So for these people to take this step to push us back to the 14th century should be unthinkable.

“As usual, many Republicans will be outspending every Democrat on ads about the upcoming debates, and, of course, it will be a political message all season long – polls show Newsom leading the race for the top spot. This will mean that a ton of money will pour into this race over the next few months. Anyone who says he or she can know the outcome of the primary is selling crack.” – Pepper Rinehart, Sonoma State University

“This is not a general election but instead a very special and worthy endeavor.” – Janet Werthmann, Common Cause San Francisco

“This recall election is just one of many actions that we feel the California legislature is failing to pass this session because our legislators are not working together, and because many of the republican leadership is more concerned with power and passing radical legislation than thinking about the consequences of their actions.” – Jane Henneberry, California Democratic Party

“Gavin Newsom is very smart to not participate in the recall effort, as I believe the effort may be hijacked by uninvited outside forces or a fruitless attempt to rally Republicans.” – Dick Ackerman, California Republican Party chairman

“Newsom showed that he is good at what he does and focused on the issues, voters know that and he easily overwhelmed the recall that was launched by the right-wing activists from the Education Action Group.” – Hunter Pittman, The Sacramento Bee

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