Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Amazon’s Home Security Camera – no more pushing lights

We already know that Amazon Watch can be set to notify when your deliveries come. It’s just revealed an entirely new feature that’s only been available in the US for a few weeks but is now being rolled out to all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick customers in the UK: free home security.

Amazon Just Released A Ring Camera That Flies Around Your House

Amazon will begin giving out Ring products in the UK and Ireland in the next few days. After you opt into their Home Security package, which will automatically be set to the Ring camera, your home security system will be instantly turned on if anyone knocks or walks into the house. It can sense, for example, if someone tries to leave a bit of house on your doorstep and it will record the motion and send that to the owner’s phone in real time.

“We’re thrilled to announce a new way for Amazon customers to securely share the security of their homes with their loved ones,” said Kevin Brill, director, Amazon Fire TV. “We’re happy to help customers protect their homes without the hassle and hassle of navigating complicated security products. Ring fits in perfectly with our vision of providing customers with personalized services that make life easier and, above all, safer.”

The Ring Video Doorbell, which Amazon acquired last summer, can tell you who’s at the door, notify you of when deliveries arrive or when your kids leave home, and can be used for anything else from home valet parking to security.

As a product of the Future

While these are all great features, they’re not entirely revolutionary. They’re based on years of experience, learned through years of selling IoT products to non-techies. What Amazon is doing is fundamentally changing what a home security camera is: by providing a fundamentally better product at a fundamentally better price.

While many people still have traditional security systems, there is an increasing appetite to have greater comfort knowing they can close the door and go to sleep without fearing for their lives. Ring, Amazon’s old video doorbell, is a perfect example of this new form of technology.

That said, consumers who already have a traditional security system and a security system that’s on the cheaper side should definitely investigate Ring, which is priced at £79 with a two-year warranty and is available in the UK.

In other words, let’s build some smartmats and call it a day.

Amazon To Deliver Free With Home Security Pack

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