Sunday, October 24, 2021

Florida man, who’s wearing a leather jacket, shorts, and a t-shirt, is being hunted by bounty hunters

Dog the Bounty Hunter became more caught up in the search for Brian Laundrie, after his mother called 911 to report that he was starving and a condition of life-threatening at a Delta Best Western motel in Florida. Dog called out to police on Friday, and told them that he had 1,000 leads, and police asked to search the area for the fugitive, who has an open arrest warrant. Laundrie was wearing a leather jacket, shorts, and a t-shirt on Wednesday. The sun is hot in Orlando.

The incident happened Friday in Longwood, Florida, while Laundrie’s mother, Leona Cox, called 911 to say that he was very thin, and needed immediate medical attention. Cox spoke to 911.

The call began:

“… on behalf of Brian the Bounty Hunter, my son Brian, my son is starving and he needs to get some medical attention.”

Cox: “I live at the hotel with my grandson and when I went out to breakfast I noticed that he’s very skinny, he doesn’t look like he’s eating, he doesn’t look like he’s drinking water, I ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom, he says no.”

First officer on scene: “He’s just hungry.”

Cox: “And he could be suffering from some type of serious medical condition, and he needs medical attention.”

Cop: “He’s just hungry, he’s got, for lack of a better word, a spiritual problem. He can’t eat, he’s not drinking and he’s hungry.”

Officers made plans to do a welfare check, but the vehicle they were driving got stuck in the middle of the road. When officers got back to the motel to bring Laundrie to get medical attention, they found a woman asleep in bed, and alerted Laundrie’s mother and the manager of the motel.

Laundrie was still there, for something. Dog’s helicopter arrived, and rescuers looked inside his hotel room — a 2015 Mazda — but were unable to locate Laundrie.

Officers told Cox, and Dog, that they would be looking for Laundrie on Saturday. They believe he is still in the area.

As Rescue, Gore wrote, the caption is:

“Once again, #Dog #BountyHunter has fallen head over heels for this man who’s actively begging for help and holding out his arms with 1,000 leads. All the information presented in this photo is important information, and of course, all tips are a major reason why #Dog #BountyHunter has done things he’s done over the past 17 years, in a state of Florida. He keeps saying, ‘The dog, the dog, the dog’, if the local authorities need your help to find the Bail-Hunter #Dog #BountyHunter, please say something to him, please say something to help this man in this mess!”

Read the full story at WESH-TV.


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