Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The most passionate teams on Yahoo Answers

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Q: What would you like us to know about the best and worst NFL teams this season? (e.g., Which team deserves to go to the Super Bowl and which one should be jettisoned from your fantasy league?) The majority of NFL fans watch the regular season, right? So, tell us: How would you describe the Giants and Jets in 2018?


Using a free, Yahoo! Answers plugin, we wanted to see which teams enjoyed passionate support from American football fans across the world. We studied billions of minutes of non-NFL sports data from basketball to NASCAR. We parsed the anonymous surveys so that we could determine the teams that had the best fan bases across the world. Based on those analyses, we developed this impressive infographic.

Bonus: We also asked Yahoo Answers users the unanswerable question, “What would you be most happy to learn if you knew the name of every American football team across the United States?” The answers are beyond fascinating.

Remember to post your answers below, and then we’ll join in a conversation about the Giants and Jets on Twitter.

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