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India Walton: Woman golf prodigy sips Scotch after ‘best’ round

Image copyright YouTube Image caption You know it’s something special when you get beaten by “the buffalo mayor”

She is the only female player in a sport that requires lightning quick reactions.

But India Walton doesn’t go to golfing lessons or have a football, cricket or hockey academy training team in her back garden.

Instead, she just starts up a golf club and hits a golf ball with a miniature golf club.

Image copyright Netatmo. Image caption Meet India Walton, the ‘Buffalo Mayor’ of her estate.

Her aim? To be the best player in her local golf club.

“I started trying it in 2003 when I was 14 and it was just the start of my road,” the semi-retired Mrs Walton told the BBC.

“I’m still trying to improve every day.”

It is not all fun and games, she stresses.

“I don’t play with the boys. I like the women. I think that’s great. I like their competitiveness and their spirit,” she said.

Image copyright Netatmo Image caption The ‘Buffalo Mayor’ posts messages on Twitter using Netatmo smarthome cameras.

Once her golf swing takes to the golf course, the 64-year-old from San Diego, California, can be found on the internet just like anybody else, at least until 2am on days where she is not at the course.

But she is different.

“I’m unimpressed with athletes. If you look at Peyton Manning, he’s so big, he must be pulling a lot of weights.

“Football players know how to move, but when it comes to the golf game, they just stop. I’m like: ‘Whoa, how come they don’t move and get it done?’

“I just love the game so much.”

Image copyright Netatmo Image caption Mrs Walton plays the course only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the San Diego Beach Club.

Mrs Walton is a classic case of child prodigy. The first time she hit a golf ball was on her father’s lap. But he died before she finished high school.

She then struggled in college and almost gave up golf.

That is, until she started working on her sports psychology skills.

“I know how to connect with people and how to get them to play golf for the best – like three years ago, when I needed 1,000 rounds of golf to be the best I’d ever been,” she said.

“It was a challenge and I had to get my act together.”

Image copyright Netatmo Image caption Mrs Walton is training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the San Diego Beach Club.

Her daughter, Elizabeth, does some of the packing for her trips to the course. She has already won an Open Championship in Florida.

Mrs Walton has also attracted the attention of the US media, with the television news show Good Morning America calling for coverage last year.

The ‘Buffalo Mayor’ is also an ambassador for the Netatmo Hunter series , a gadget she uses to document her life through pictures taken on a wide range of screens.

“To me it’s like a camera for my brain,” she said.

“I love what Netatmo is doing.

“Just this morning I was checking to see where I could be in about an hour. The idea of being smart is always something I love.”

Image copyright Netatmo Image caption Mrs Walton said her camera could not capture the excitement of November’s San Diego home-made winning golf game.

Asked if she has any successors to walk in her place, Mrs Walton said she did not.

“I am the best I can be and I’ll keep trying to be better,” she said.

“I don’t really feel like there’s a successor I would need to follow. There are a few now, like the 25-year-old with a new head of hair.”

There is plenty to keep Mrs Walton busy in retirement.

She plays tennis, trains swimming, has a surfing operation for the humpbacked pug she has – and part-owns a desert buggy.

“I guess if I feel like I’m still welling up, that’s when I know I might want to hang it up,” she said.

“I would like to do another [business] venture, a little bit more international, but not a lot. I don’t want to sound greedy.”

However, Mrs Walton is not about to give up the golf game, to fulfil her dream.

“That’s why I got involved in golf in the first place,” she said.

“No matter how I fall short, I won’t

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