Wednesday, October 27, 2021

5 things to do in the online world

Time to hit “Play” on these pictures from MTV Max.

As “The Truman Show” turns 19, HBO is offering new episodes of “Generation Kill” online via the YouTube channel. It’s streaming new and old episodes of the channel’s forthcoming series for $1.99 a pop at (If you go to, try to bookmark it for viewing when you can afford it.) You’ll also find original series from “True Blood” to “Entourage” in an array of languages to your eyeballs. (Disclaimer: I watched some of “Generation Kill” while I was knee-deep in a Denny’s reservation on D.C.’s Columbia Road NW.)

The e-zine and newsletter show lots of upgrades. Among the highlights: Newsweek/The Daily Beast has a whole new look and feel, complete with distinct profiles on each of its new subjects. The mag will soon be unveiled with an entirely redesigned design, according to co-founder Tina Brown. Also, another big change: A new logo has been unveiled, with the sort of Letterman face-lift that “Time” and other venerable magazines received over the last year or so. The progressive magazine had to do some soul-searching; have at it, Newsweek!

Some other tidbits:

Peeps to the mast: Traditionally, the magazines once attached each cover letter and cover line to the outside of the package, as if to offer the impression that the issues themselves really do have full, unboundings. But that conventions has been changing, as newsstand sales of magazines over the past few years have seen the meteoric rise of newsstands ad circulations. The new Newsweek covers are all online-only copies. Like one-time omnipresent cohort “The New Yorker,” Newsweek has decided to brand its issues with one word, a move experts predict will only prove popular with advertisers: “fiction.” The masthead has shrunk considerably in the past several years, and although there’s been a change in language, more people are holding out for editorial jobs and those of staffers who are actively making news. What better for a populist imprint than newsbreakers at a publisher?

Search engine: Search engine optimization is a looming, international challenge that are frequently treated as the in-house humor to their own cognoscenti: “Isn’t it just amazing how awesome Google’s landing page can look, but what an ugly little blog site it must be just sitting there? 😉

This app (and add-on) wins for boldest design idea: The App description on iTunes features a photo of a phone screen, offering a teaser to the app’s function: “This next application will let you make Facebook and Instagram photos pop out of your text messages…or YouTube clips from emails…”

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