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The best of your social media digest for Tuesday 19 July 2017

Mix them up

It’s Not Me: K-Pop Invasion Of The U.S., an art project that deliberately merges the local pop scenes of four American cities – Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago – with BTS, who have historically rocked America with their autotuned grooves and smart, snappy lyrics.

End of summer

For those hoping the heatwave won’t get too much longer, your prayers have been answered: Radio 1’s annual See The Moon concert in August will double as an early Christmas present for party-loving, iPhone-smoking masses, with a lineup of 40 acts (all of whom will play hits). Check out BBC playlist here.

The year’s best show

By now you know they’re awesome, but take a moment to absorb The Cranberries’ joyous legacy – and one of their finest performances – as they battle to beat off radio’s indifference at the 14th Annual Sound+Vision Awards for Best Album. She’s a good one

Not 5.0

Until this week, it was claimed that Kanye West co-wrote Bruce Springsteen’s 1994 album Born to Run, when, in fact, the songwriting credits read: “Alan Moulder, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Iovine.” Kanye, meanwhile, has been very quiet about his involvement – and perhaps until Now To Love drops we won’t know for sure.

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