Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Thank you, Penny Harrington

Good Night, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Austin Radcliffe

Georgia Nicols, broadcaster,

Charlene Creamean,

Penny Harrington, who made a blue “X” on color TV,

who broke the barriers of television broadcasting,

but never a glass ceiling,

otherwise she would have surpassed the most storied figures

of women in the media,

So rest in peace, Penny Harrington,

a wonderful public servant, a dear friend,

a strong, strong, strong woman;

I know you will always live in my heart, and her

I’ll call you baby for the rest of my life.

A beloved friend,

at the time she was born,

she wasn’t even yet given her name,

she was born at Franklin General

That’s the equivalent of a hospital in New York City,

Penny, it’s time to rest in peace.

“From Manhattan to Greenwich, and back,”

from Stuyvesant Village to Greenwich Village,

and back again,

and back again, and back again,

great imagination, first and foremost,

she broke so many glass ceilings,

and ceilings aplenty,

no champagne, and champagne money,


and on the dark side,


from the world of jazz,

an inspiring career,

many great performances,

some revealing stories,

and a few sides,

from sex advice to God bless him,



and from that famous “just ignore that!”

Audience response

to television

had proved there was always a

newscast to watch on most TV channels

and then always hear live on every radio station,

in between those creepy soap operas

at night,

after porno records, and books

and the news, on subway cars,

where it all happened.

So thank you, Penny,

we loved you, she always loved you,

and we’ll never forget

and with a few years left, the sound of blue

leaves will never grow.

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