Sunday, October 24, 2021

Zara shirt, a lesson in sizing

Why would Zara design and produce a suit in such large quantities for its stores that it ended up with no corners on it? So many asks the 19-year-old woman who is also a YouTube personality.

Just before Christmas, Mikal has gone shopping on various websites, where she has sought out the white suit from the British retailer. She complains that there is nothing on the sides of the suit, and no corners. It also seems not to be latching onto anything.

On social media, she says that she was told the suit is designed to look loose to conform to the old English. It is also designed to not align with the company’s focus on making clothes for smaller customers, which might be why not everything on the inside of the suit was lining up.

Earlier this year, Zara said that 500,000 sizes would be available at any one time in its UK stores, Bloomberg reports. So it is unusual that this particular suit was never ordered for a store, says Mikal.

Zara declined to comment on the suit when contacted by BBC News. But many other fashion bloggers and celebrities pointed to the suit as an example of small-size problems. Clothing for larger consumers was being too small, they said.

“I’ve seen that in stores, and in sizing on the internet, so that wasn’t surprising that it happened,” Mikal says. “I did shop in a store that had it on racks, and there was nothing on the sides or anything. But I wanted it so bad, and now I want it so much more because that’s what they all seem to have.”

Zara must realise that the suit does not look well made, she says. Mikal has turned down offers to sell the suit on eBay, and says that she has no intentions of trying to sell the suit. It’s for a charity auction with The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. So whatever the suit is worth, she says she will auction it off for the cause.

“I don’t want anything from it. It’s such a waste of time and money. It’s not worth trying to sell,” Mikal says. “I can’t even even make myself buy it.”

I’m sorry, Mikal. I don’t know how to persuade you that you shouldn’t try to sell the suit. I don’t know whether to buy it or try to fix the problems in it. As some commenters pointed out on her original YouTube post, it’s essentially impossible to imagine that Zara did not order it for any store at the time it was made.

“My chest just shook at that,” one commenter wrote. “I definitely would buy it as a charity bid. At this point, I’m backing it to win.”

Beth Wilkinson wrote on the blog PostAisle that while he would definitely buy it, he “would feel better if she had that Zara shirt that doesn’t button up where I’m going.”

Zara is a close partner of the BBC World Service as the partner retailer for BBC World Choice.

Written by Kate Black for BBC News.

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