Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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What Happens When Texas Bans Abortion Coverage

Texas has not only enacted a ban on most abortion coverage in the insurance that employees buy through their employers, but has gone so far as to request that the federal government withhold federal funding from those who obtain abortion coverage through their own workplace.

This is clearly unconstitutional, but here is the problem: No one knows how many Texas women will cancel their insurance because of this. In other words, the Plan B.

As a result, there will be so many women who have lost coverage from their private insurance plans who will seek to obtain the legal abortion procedure. That will go to at-home doctors. But, now, at-home doctors will have to take a doctor’s exam, follow all of the guidelines, do the whole process.

But at the end of the day, women will still get their abortion.

And, so, it will be a “mental health” in the state of Texas — a women’s health issue — one in which the medical community will need to respond by providing the care. That care will not be free, as many women will already be paying for their abortion coverage — and in some cases more than twice.

That care will have all the medical means to do its job — a procedure that, by the way, is only covered for no more than nine weeks from the time that a woman has made up her mind that she is pregnant, regardless of when she had her first period.

This is an area where the medical community will have to draw a line in the sand that will not allow doctors to follow the law of Congress into a policy decision — one that could reduce the number of abortions in the country, but will also mean higher out-of-pocket costs for many women who already cannot afford to pay for the full course of care.

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