Sunday, October 24, 2021

Iran captures US drone and ‘drone hunter’ ‘in Gulf standoff’

Pictures on Twitter show drones that resemble the so-called “drone hunter”, which Iran has recently said it has developed.

Play Video 1:06 Drone flies on Internet after Iran captures it – video

The photos appear to show two drones that bear some resemblance to an object, believed to be a drone, believed to have been captured by Iranian military forces, following a confrontation between Iran and American warplanes in the Gulf on 15 February.

Images have been posted to Twitter showing what appear to be drones in desert settings with Iranian flag symbols, apparently marking out targets. One drone appears to be using a rechargeable electric battery while the other appears to be mounted with a camera.

These images appear to have been taken in the past few days.

In March last year, the New York Times reported that a drone thought to be from Tehran was found on a rebel base in Yemen.

If photographs of Iranian drones in Yemen are confirmed, it would be a further escalation of an escalating conflict, which experts believe could disrupt Yemen’s entire water supply.

Iran has consistently denied being involved in the war in Yemen and was angered by the announcement by John Kerry last year that US warships off the Yemeni coast were going to begin refueling Iranian vessels conducting military operations in the country.

Since then, Iran has reportedly issued an ultimatum to the US over the interception of the drone. The Iranian parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, told reporters last week that “we will make necessary claims to the international community for the deliberate interference in our sovereignty. We will discuss the issue with [UN secretary general] Antonio Guterres.”

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