Sunday, October 24, 2021

Transportation budget projects broken down by name and delivery mechanism

The House Appropriations Committee today released a summary of how Congress has spent the money President Obama requested for building the country’s infrastructure, including the Transportation Department’s modernization of the nation’s air traffic control system.

The Committee on Appropriations provided an interactive tool on its website that allows you to go back through 2010-13 for the efficiency and readiness level of the projects under construction — projects the Committee has approved for funding in the future and projects that have never even been funded.

Using this tool, we’ve broken down the projects by name and delivery mechanism. (And by the way, the Committee notes that this database reflects projects that were originally in the stimulus package, which passed in 2009, as well as some of the projects that were budgeted for other years, but were already funded when the money was appropriated.)

The biggest spending, (ahem, is) big bucks has been on modernizing air traffic control systems. The Committee provides examples of radar modernization efforts in the list below.

Other notable projects:

Rep. Jim Moran’s proposal for a tunnel connecting D.C. to Fairfax County and an expansion of Washington Dulles International Airport, including a taxiway lengthening, runway expansion and airfield taxiway extension, at a cost of $2.6 billion;

Moving the Martin Luther King Highway inland connector project, including a bridge and tolls, from Route 22 to the District at a cost of $166 million;

Projects involving the U.S. Postal Service that encompass service to customer-service centers in Omaha, Nebraska; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and District of Columbia;

The video above details the fourth installment of related spending cuts. The Committee notes there are still a number of spending cuts out there that haven’t been made because they are harder to accomplish with a waiver from the Senate, but that should change soon.

From the summary:

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