Wednesday, October 27, 2021

‘Ugly, petty’: Homeless man fatally shot with arrow dies in hospital

By Diane Francis, for CNN • Updated 20th June 2019

A homeless man who was shot with an arrow in Philadelphia has died, with police telling CNN that he succumbed to his injuries a day after he was attacked.

An NYPD detective told CNN that 27-year-old Andrew Goldstein was in a coma when he died in the hospital.

In his final days, Goldstein’s life story was featured in a video posted to Facebook by his family.

“This level of callousness and disregard is shocking,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said Thursday, according to CNN affiliate WPVI.

“Anytime we are so compassionate to people that are suffering that they end up taking their own lives, we should be concerned,” Ross said.

Richardson is accused of discharging the arrow, which struck him in the chest, and was arrested on Tuesday.

Suspect Joseph Wambaugh, who was in the hospital before the arrest, is now accused of assault in connection with the incident. His arraignment is scheduled for June 25.

Police earlier told CNN affiliate WPVI that the incident was no random act and that Wambaugh said he was aiming at the homeless man because he thought he was responsible for the death of his uncle.

Wambaugh has previous convictions in Delaware for assault and animal cruelty, WPVI reported.

Police Commissioner Ross urged anyone who feels they have experienced violent acts against them, but didn’t say where they had been, to come forward.

“(I) urge the public to report any acts of violence against us. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone that physically attacked you, or an act of violence that may be a psychological attack or mental illness … it could have been you, and I ask that you come forward so we can catch who did it,” Ross said.

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