Sunday, October 24, 2021

‘Jisga’ by director Nancy Rosado-Santiago is a heartbreaking short film about women’s struggles

Emotional storytelling has always been a strength of Nancy Rosado-Santiago’s. As an award-winning storyteller, the Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker first learned to tell powerful personal narratives from watching her father use a journal to track the days of their lives.

Now Rosado-Santiago has written, directed and produced a whole slew of powerful stories with the goal of telling human stories across Latin American cultures. Her filmmaking debut, “Jisga,” was selected to play at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in the Documentary Short Film category.

“It’s been a joyful journey from just storyteller to storyteller,” said Rosado-Santiago, 36, who teaches at UC Riverside and auditions for TV series.

Rosado-Santiago’s award-winning short film is a chronicle of a woman’s struggle to overcome a dangerous climate to raise chickens. The film has received numerous awards and distinctions from international film festivals.

“Our goal is to take the audiences’ perspectives and tell their stories,” Rosado-Santiago said. “I’m able to do that with stories set in a space where we see ourselves reflected. I want to get people thinking about what has happened to their parents, their grandparents, their community. In that way, I’m able to really create an emotional connection.”

Rosado-Santiago, who has a Los Angeles-based TV production business producing digital projects with brands, uses a fast pace and wide shots to evoke emotion and connect emotionally with her audience.

“I have a specific vision of where my stories are going,” Rosado-Santiago said. “I need to get them going. It’s still an actor-driven business. You still need the emotional connection because the story has to have some heart underneath it. I’m out there living with people, and when I share a story, I try to convey that when I tell them the story that ‘I hope you will find that message in me.’”

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