Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Andrew Wiggins not vaccinated before joining Minnesota Timberwolves, report claims

Basketball star Andrew Wiggins and his management team reportedly have informed the NBA that he was not vaccinated before joining the Minnesota Timberwolves. Wiggins, last year’s No 2 overall draft pick, allegedly received no vaccinations on his years of foreign tour before joining the team.

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The Parents Project on Vaccination, a non-profit that receives donations from medical professionals, claimed that the procedure was subject to a religious exemption.

“Childhood vaccines are a simple and safe way to protect American children and families from disease,” the project’s board of directors said in a statement. “Taking other forms of immunizations might protect a child from some disease, but we don’t know the long-term effects of these approaches. There’s no scientific basis to believe that a religious exemption to vaccines has a better or safer effect than vaccinating a child.”

Wiggins is now facing an embarrassing rebuke from a team he had hoped to play for next season.

“We are not aware of the facts regarding Mr Wiggins’ flu shots,” the NBA wrote in a statement. “All players are required to be vaccinated against the flu and/or tetanus. We urge players and their teams to check the instructions provided on the NBA’s website before traveling outside the country and immunize before the season begins.”

The logistics of a religious exemption might complicate other players’ year-round health.

One of Wiggins’ representatives, Sam Fischer, denied the Timberwolves’ version of events.

Andrew Wiggins (@WigginsBball) I was sent this article to clear things up…not true at all. Stay tuned.

In addition to vaccines, Wiggins has also faced scrutiny for his post-game entrance into the home of a prominent local American Indian Indian, after this season, the NBA said he would not be playing a game at that community’s arena, as he did previously.

While health remains a major factor as the NBA weighs Wiggins’ potential long-term suitability, other decisions indicate he is going to court teams from Minnesota to San Antonio. He announced that he was entering the draft last year.

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