Sunday, October 24, 2021

Vietnamese coffee has a local following

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Vietnamese craft coffee was a hot trend for international travelers when they came to the U.S. more than a decade ago. Today, the aromatic drink is popping up in all over America.

“I’ve heard people say that Vietnamese coffee is better than American coffee, because it’s smoother, and creamier. And I think that’s true. I like having that experience,” Fred Harris, from Keio Group, said.

Starbucks has won millions of customers worldwide by employing Starbucks coffee, which may not be made from the beans you bring in on your vacation. Vietnamese craft coffee has a community of local coffee roasters, farmers, and even coffee schools and cafes making sure the beans you pay for on a daily basis are really worth the extra money.

Soraya Le and her husband, Raymond, have opened a coffee shop and co-op at their home in their native Vietnam.

“Actually, when my husband opened this, I was not even here, because I was just finishing a course here in the U.S. at the school called Yin Wang,” Soraya said.

Soraya and Raymond’s older brother, Duong An, started the family coffee business in Vietnam, which had just as much of a reputation for its excellence as America.

But it wasn’t until Duong returned to Vietnam in 2010 that he created his new urban business model.

“So there was very little coffee shops, and you know, around the town. But starting here, we are using up to 23 percent of beans instead of Starbucks,” Duong said.

Take a look at what he’s working with:

Duong is using the two largest farmers in Vietnam to gain access to some of the most expensive coffee and produce the best beans. He’s working with organizations that sell coffee to high-end restaurants in the U.S. and also health clubs.

“I’m thinking with these coffee shops, they like the taste and smell of coffee, and they like the taste and aroma of coffee, and also the health benefits of it,” Duong said.

“I think at some point, we are just going to see all of us start eating coffee on a regular basis in this country,” business partner, Harris said.

To find out more about Vietnamese craft coffee, check out the website for The A.S. Jones Institute for Vietnamese History and Culture.

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