Looking for information, not just affirmation? At Finanz News, we strive
to objectively explore, explain and expose the complex policy issues that
impact our lives.

We care deeply about the health, well-being and economic success of all people
living in the Central Valley and beyond. In the pursuit of a better future,
our primary mission is to illuminate the programs, policies and individuals
who promote these same ideals. However, we also will not hesitate to shed
light on anything that stands in the way of a healthier and more prosperous
In our coverage, Finanz News will focus on several key areas,
•   policy & politics
•   health
•   education
•   water
•   construction
& housing
•   religion
•   equal
•   foreign relations
•   and
human interest pieces.
We do not intend to target the same breaking news
or crime stories that are readily available through more traditional sources.
Instead, we will be putting our time and energy into digging deeper,
connecting the dots, and explaining complex policy issues.
It is our
promise to you that we will carry out this mission with the highest possible
levels of journalistic integrity, impartiality and accuracy. We welcome your
thoughts and questions, and we will do our best to respond or follow up on any
issue that needs further clarification.